Welcome to the Ekoji Buddhist Temple, the “Temple of the Gift of Light.”  Ekoji is a non-monastic Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple just outside the D.C. Beltway, in Fairfax Station, Virginia. 

Founded in 1981, Ekoji has developed into an ethnically and racially diverse fellowship with its services and Buddhist education programs for both adults and children in English.

Ekoji is a member of the Buddhist Churches of America and is partially endowed by BDK America.

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Ekoji’s programs serve our spiritual needs to see ourselves and the world through a “Buddhist eye” by sharing the teachings of the Buddha Dharma. Ekoji also seeks to develop a Buddhist community that provides friendship, refuge, and support to its Sangha (fellowship) members. Please browse the website to learn more about Shin Buddhism and the temple’s various activities.   

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Reverend Nariaki R. Hayashi

It is a pleasure to introduce myself to all of you as a minister of Ekoji Buddhist Temple. My name is Nariaki Rajan Hayashi and I came from Kyoto, Japan as a minister for the Ekoji Buddhist Temple to share and spread Shinran Shonin's; the founder of our tradition, Shin Buddhism teaching here in America.

I was born in Hawaii, so I guess that makes me a Nisei; the second generation. I moved back to Japan when I was 12.

I come from a temple family with roots in Kagoshima, Japan.

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After my graduation of Kansai International Language University, my first job was working in the hotel business as a salesman for over 5 years. The hotel business was a wonderful job, and proved to be a challenging career. However, while working so hard to achieve good results at sales, there was always a feeling of emptiness in my personal time. The more I succeeded, the more I sacrificed, spending more and more time at work. I quickly found out that, yes, the Japanese do work too hard.

Reflecting on this experience and what I was going through, I came to realize that the teaching of Shin Buddhism gave me an opportunity to pause and consider what life is. At the same time, it helped to fill the emptiness in my heart. Thus, from this experience, I believe that the teaching will guide me, and hopefully all of you who has not still encounter to our tradition, to a greater journey and meaningful life.

The wonderful teaching which Shinran Shonin left for us has and continues to be propagated over many generations. Truly, the teachings are relevant in this age. I look forward to being part of this propagation effort with the members of new home, the Ekoji Buddhist Temple, and with all of you.


Sunday Morning Services

Every Sunday at 11:00am EST, we conduct Buddhist Services. Come experience Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, Learn the Nembutsu, Chant, Sing and hear the Dharma! All are welcome!

Come and reflect with us!

Children's Dharma School

The Ekoji Buddhist Temple Children’s Dharma School welcomes students from ages 4-18. We strive to teach our students the basic teachings of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, with the hope that when our students leave our temple for the world beyond, they will be able to articulate in their own words what Buddhism is and what it means to them. Classes begin in September and break for the summer in early June.                              17-18 DS Brochure

Come and guide with us!

Meditation Night

Please join us for Meditation every Thursday evening. We Sit, We Walk, We Chant the Heart Sutra. Great way to close your work week, get in touch with the Dharma! Sessions start at 8:00pm, Temple tours are offered at 7:30pm.

Come and get back in touch!

Learn The Dharma

Ekoji and it's Sponsor, BDK International, believe in sharing the Dharma through education, conversation and seminars. We offer Buddhism 101 classes regularly, have an active Study Group, sponsor 3-4 Seminars yearly and have a Service after the Service to explore the weekly Dharma message. Spend time in our library of over 1,000 volumes.

Come study with us!

Events and Festivals

Ekoji is active in the interfaith and the local community. We support Northern Virginia's Burke Center Festival and are a long time participant in the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. We hold a yearly Obon Festival that is very well attended.

Come play with us!

Cultural Programs

Ekoji's roots are based in the Japanese Jodo Shinshu tradition and we are proud to explore this through different cultural opportunities. Come and learn to speak Japanese, watch a tea ceremony, and experience the thunderous power of Nen Daiko, Ekoji's very own Taiko Drum group.

Come experience with us!


We are located in the Fairfax Station / Burke Area of Northern Virginia; approximately 30 minutes from Downtown Washington.DC. 

Postal adress: 6500 Lakehaven Ln, Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Phone:  (703) 239-0500


“If, when I attain Buddhahood, sentient beings in the lands of the ten quarters who sincerely and joyfully entrust themselves to me, desire to be born in my land, and call my Name, even ten times, should not be born there, may I not attain perfect Enlightenment.” -- Amida Buddha

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