Class Curriculum

Classes are divided by age or at the discretion of the Dharma School teachers. We encourage regular attendance to the best of the students’ and parents’ ability because several of our classes build on consecutive lessons. However, we welcome students whenever you can join us!

Pre-K/Kindergarten (ages 4-6)

Commonly used Buddhist terms, Buddhist etiquette, gassho basics, expressing gratitude before and after meals, ojuzu-making, paper altars, and Buddhist stories and parables.

Elementary (ages 7-9)

Altar – significance and care, making your own altar, life of Siddartha, Buddhist symbols, Buddhist holidays, Three Treasures, and BCA structure and Ekoji structure.

Intermediate (ages 10-13)

Four Characteristics of Life, Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, Five Precepts, Six Paramitas, serving as service leader, spread of Buddhism, division into Theravada and Mahayahana Buddhism, and the Seven Patriarchs.

Advanced (ages 14-17)

Life of Shinran Shonin, 18th vow, phase of going and phase of returning, and sutras.

Senior (ages 17+)

Comparative religions, Buddhism and current events, explaining Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu in your own words.

Activities and Events

Weekly Family or Joint Services

Services led by Intermediate students; parents and children of all ages welcome to attend. Buddhist holiday services conducted jointly with adult sangha.

Weekly Dharma School classes

Divided into Pre-K/K; Elementary; Intermediate; Advanced; and Senior levels.

Monthly temple cleanup

Intended to instill in our students a sense of ownership and belonging to the temple.

Family Night gatherings

Saturday night gatherings held every other month. Includes short service, potluck dinner, and preparation for our student performance in April.

Dana (community service) projects once a semester

Annual Tuition Fees

Ekoji members: Free
Non-members: $50 for one student; $10 each additional student

Annual Supply Fees:
Members/Non-members: $30 per student
* Rates may be discounted for new students registering after January

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